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Put your de-escalation skills into practice.

​Our hands-on course is designed to allow learners to put their skills into action.

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Keep your frontline workers safe.

Our scenario-based training involves professional actors portraying people in distress. Learners will receive feedback from facilitators, mental health professionals, and the actors themselves.

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Course description

  • 7 hours – in person (based on a class size of 12)
  • 2-4 mental health scenario based role-plays
  • Enhancement of skills through experiential practice
  • Allows deeper understanding through practice in a safe environment
  • Emotionally and intellectually engaging
  • Focuses on behavioural development
  • Learners will interact with professional actors portraying individuals with mental illness in a scenario-based role play and will receive feedback from facilitating officers and mental health professionals.
  • Appropriate for all front-line workers

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Customized courses and consultations

Don't see your industry or specialty?

Contact us to create your own customized in-person training course.

We are committed to increasing the range of training available for professionals and can custom design interactive mental health and de-escalation training programs specific to your department or specialty.

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