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Customer Success Stories

Sgt. Stewart Cuzner - Protective Service Officer

The experiential component of this online course has made it possible for Protective Services to accrue tangible benefits such as increased member empathy and improved intervention skills in both a time and cost-effective manner. Training was realistic, helpful, and informative; it helped our Protective Service officers de-escalate and minimize dangerous situations. It fits the need of our organization and has positively benefitted our officers and the individuals they interact with.

Anecdotally, our members are demonstrating an increase in confidence and efficiency in responding to mental health “calls for assistance”. More importantly, though, we’ve sensed an increased awareness by our members of both the complexity of mental health issues and the effectiveness of an empathic, compassionate, and knowledgeable approach to providing assistance.

We have incorporated ProTraining’s interactive and engaging Online training (Unit 1) and Hands-on training (Unit 2) into our training curriculum. It is our expectation, based on our experience thus far, that we will be training our members annually through this program. We are also looking at opportunities to engage other stakeholders in the university community with the program. It is an essential component in our present and future training endeavors.

Sgt. Stewart Cuzner
Protective Service Officer
University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, Canada

Sgt. Neil Purkess - Community Liaison Officer

"I recently completed the ProTraining course. I was definitely impressed. I enjoyed how the course was delivered, especially the scenarios with the meter. De-escalation skills are something I want to impress upon our officers as part of training and the course did an excellent job providing/re-enforcing them! I definitely think taking this course would be a great complement to our existing mental health training."

Sgt. Neil Purkess
Community Liaison Officer
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

Brian D DeBarge - Police Officer

The ProTraining online class was very helpful for de-escalating possible situations with people suffering from mental health. I thought the scenarios were helpful and interactive… It is an informative class that would help de-escalate or minimize dangerous situations. Officers understand that officer safety comes first; however, the talking points of the online training are extra tools to put in your toolbox. Training is short and concise. I would recommend ProTraining’s online course for mental health awareness.

Brian D DeBarge
Police Officer
Hartland Police Department
Wisconsin, USA

Ralph Brokop - Director, Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS)

“The scenario based training provided for Edmonton Transit System by ProTraining led by Dr. Krameddine ranks with some of the best training experiences I have ever been part of. The training techniques used were real life based simulations followed up by creative feedback, which will provide long lasting experiential training for the attendees. The training will change how we train our Disabled Adult Transit Services bus operators in the future. Thank you Yasmeen and your team!

Ralph Brokop
Director, Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS)
Edmonton, Canada

Sgt. Dave Olson - Metro Vancouver Transit Police

“I particularly liked your format. I could use audio, text or both for each slide. I liked the ability to move back and forth in the content, as I needed. I also liked it when you provided examples of “what not to do immediately followed by what they should do.” I know that sounds obvious but we often just tell them what they did wrong and what they really need is examples / models of approaches that work. I especially liked the “Avoid Escalating Phrases slide”.

The content was very good and it was probably the best format I have seen. Whether we like it or not “how” training material is presented can make a significant difference in a police officer’s reaction. I am confident you will get a positive response from officers who view this material. I liked it and I would recommend it.”

Sgt. Dave Olson
Metro Vancouver Transit Police, client services
Retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 27 years