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ProTraining has created unique handbooks to complement your Unit 2 hands on training.

These handbooks can also be used as a quick reference even if you did not participate in our Unit 2 training.


This handbook contains:

  • Descriptions of common mental illnesses and associated behaviours that your profession will experience
  • The best way to speak to someone portraying these behaviours
  • The best course of action, and place to take this individual portraying these behaviours

Currently we offer handbooks for:

  1. Police, Peace and Security Officers
  2. University Protective Service Officers
  3. Bus Operators

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us to request specialized handbooks for your profession.

If you are attending Unit 2 training, a handbook will be given to you complementary following training completion.

Handbook Pricing
$9.99 USD

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Police, Peace and Security Officers

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University Protective Service Officers

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Bus Operators

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